Q. How much does the course cost?


Q. Can I get help financially to complete the course?

Information on what financial support is available can be found here

Q. How long does the course last?

The course is a full academic year from the beginning of September to mid-July. Term time dates are applicable to the school you are placed in.

Q. What if I don’t have the required minimum requirements?

Having GCSE’s at a minimum of a C grade in Maths and English (secondary) in addition to Science (primary) is criteria set by the Department Of Education. Equivalency tests are accepted and these do not necessarily require you to take a course prior to sitting the test.

Candidates with a third class degree can be considered for the course, but additional tasks may be required at interview.

Q. Do I need to have experience in school before applying?

Experience is not a set requirement for the School Direct course, however, experience will help you gain a realistic view of teaching and the skill set that is required. Take a look at our School Experience opportunities here.

Q. Do I have to travel to the University of Cumbria?

Trainees studying on the School Direct Primary course do not need to visit the University of Cumbria

Trainees studying the School Direct Secondary course will visit 12 times per year to enhance subject knowledge

Q. How do I apply?


Q. When can I apply?

Applications can be made from mid-October to the end of June prior to the September start date.

Q. Will I get a job after I finish the course?

Our programme will equip you to be highly employable due to the extensive knowledge, understanding and experience you will gain. Although there is no guarantee of employment, we have an outstanding record of supporting trainees in to employment, often within the Omega Multi-Academy Trust or partner schools on the programme. We offer extensive training in job applications and mock interviews to support you in starting your career. 

Q. How much do teachers earn?

For NQT's starting their teaching career in September 2021 (outside London) the starting salary will be £25,714 with excellent prospects of career and salary progression.  Information about teachers pay progression scale  can be found here


Q. Can I choose my own placement school?

The decision about where to place Associate Teachers on placement will be taken by Omega Teaching Partnership in consultation with all schools involved in the Alliance.  Successful candidates will be informed of their placement at an induction day prior to the Summer.

Q. Am I too old to train to be a teacher?

‚ÄčAge is not a particular factor. Although a certain amount of fitness is required to be a teacher, and health checks will be carried out as part of the recruitment process, there is no upper age limit when it comes to teacher training.  Many of our most successful trainees have been mature candidates with extensive work experience outside of teaching.

Q. I left University many years ago am I too late to train to be a teacher?

It's never too late to train to be a teacher, if you have the right values, attitude and eligibility qualifications then we would welcome your application.  If you are worried about your subject knowledge then we can support you with this; you may be eligible for an SKE or we can provide enhanced support from our subject specialists

Q. Can I still work whilst I am on the training course?

Completing a PGCE is a challenging, exciting and time-consuming course and you will be based in school for much of the day and for most days per week.  We do have trainees who work part-time at the weekends or through tutoring in the evenings, but they are an exception and have excellent time-management skills.

Q. Are there any exams or coursework on the course?

There are no exams.  Assessment is in two parts; you will be assessed whilst on your placement against the Teachers’ Standards for the QTS element of the course; you will complete up to 6 university assignments as part of the PGCE assessment.

Q. Where is the Omega Teaching Centre based?

A central location in the North West with very accessible motorway links to the M6, M62 and M56.

Approximately 50 miles from Lancaster, 20 miles from Manchester, 15 miles from Liverpool.

Sat Nav:  WA5 3AA

Two main line train stations are Warrington Central and Warrington Bank Quay. 

Warrington West station is a local station a twenty-minute walk from the centre.